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PosterĄG Sharon Wu at 16:39:49 1/8/98 from c549-20.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

I think there are too many "unhealthy" programs in our present Tv programs. It somehow reflect the Taiwan culture is stressing on getting laughters by making fun of others. It is really a pity to see those singers scared in those spooky boxs. Besides, there are so many program styles are copied from Japanese programs. There are very few programs really concerning about Taiwan's present situation. Although some hot issues are debated and discussed in some programs but it seems to be only a short-term trend and later the proper solutions are neglacted. For Bai's case, I am quite surprised to see this news could be aroused again and again even after many months had passed and still nobody could find where the three fugitive were. They were not forgotten like many other criminals. I heard some people said that it is because of Bai Ping Ping. It also shows another Taiwan culture that as long as you have fame and money you will be taken care of more. The social justice and also the entertainmens in my opinion are in a bad condition in Taiwan.


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