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PosterCindy Ho at 12:42:31 1/9/98 from c550-2.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

Look at our newspapers and TV programs nowadays,
we always may see a lot of entertainment news of
Hollywood or Japen. This shows we pay a lot of
attention on foreign affairs and apprciate them
more. Every foreign singer or group seem once
come to Taiwan, they will become hits and make a
fortune, even if they are not so famous in thier
own countries. It is kind of irony. Why do we young
generation seek for foreign affairs? I guess maybe
it means we are update and fashionable by imitaing
them. It is cool to be fashionable and unique for
our young generation. Constantly influencing by
foreign culture, we might lose some our traditional
qualities. For some foreigners, they feel Taiwanese
students are much American like in every aspects,
such as behavior,thinking, and dress. Based on this
flux,we creat a new Taiwan as the combinition with
western and oriental culture background.
As to the pop music in Taiwan,we may see Taiwanese
seem start to trace back to our true local music
instead of well-decorated music. A-mai(張惠妹),
power station(動力火車),and金門王李炳輝 are jsut
the best examples. They represent some qualities
of Taiwanese, especially 金門王李炳輝. I think it
is a good situation that our people start to focus
on our own culture now. And I hope this will arouse
people to value our local culture and encourage
those musicain to creat more songs of our own style.


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