Taiwanese Culture and Entertainment

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Is there any traditional Taiwanese entertainment ?
In my opinion, Taiwanese paid all of the attention or,
better said,efforts to improve the family financial
situation. On our chase of the economic wonder, we
have put everything aside but money. Now, Taiwan as a
whole has reached this goal in some degree. The hard
working people fainally got the chance to realize
that we ourselves were actually only one human being.
Of course, I recall those old days in the countryside.
People always squaed in circle at the square in front
of the temple in the evening. They might be playing
"Si-ba-la" or " four color cards" Now and then, there
would be some Taiwanese opera performance on the stage.
However, entertainment to me is somehow more than having
good time. I considered it some activities with
positive effect on our daily life. Otherwise,
it becomes bad habit. In this viewpoint, I don't think of
any traditional entertainment, what are popular now are
either exotic or lack of positive outcome.

As for the culture, by the way, how do we distinguish
Taiwanese culture from Chinese? I can hardly think of
any cultural activities without influences from China. Even
the taiwanese operas are mostly about ancient heroic
chinese myths or stories. How about the stroh products at 大甲?
The women there just sat in the middle square at their 四合院
,used only one equipment to fix the hays. They didn't even
bother to count the stiches. Everything is measured by
experience. Then, some hours later, a wonderful
stroh mat came out before the sunset, as the housewives
were going home for cooking supper. This is a real art in combination of skill
and life philosophy.


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