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PosterĄG Sisi at 18:10:42 1/12/98 from c441-54.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

If I'm producing a TV program about "Taiwanese
Culture and Entertainment" for young people, I
will try to do it in a more interesting way that
could possible attract the audience. The programs
created should be original, no "copied" from
other countries. Take interesting people in it,
presenting "Taiwanese Culture" in a more happy
way with music, or anything in a way that people
would pay attention and do not find it boring.
Otherwise, people will prefer to watch a movie, or
programs like "Super Sunday," and so on.
There are programs that present Taiwanese
cuisine, and some places. In the same way Taiwanese
arts and customs could be presented to let people
know better about the place we are living, also to
show how interesting it is.

I think would be interesting if there is program for
young people to discuss about social issues, or all
kind of topics that affect our daily life. Debate,
call in, letters, and so on to understand better what and how do
young people think. Maybe, also to give advices,
recommendation about problems affecting our
society. For example, violence, student's suicide
due to school, or home pressures, or any kind of
problem that concern us. Perhaps, in this way some
things could be improved and could help people to be
aware of real problems. Also, its a opportunity to
let people express their feelings and thoughts.


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