Taiwanese Culture and Entertainment

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How about the Taiwanese culture? Let me give you something interesting, and that is the food and recreation.
Talking about the food, rise is eaten with every meal. Soup seafood, pork, chicken, vegetables, and fruit are most commonly eaten. Most foods, including vegetables are stir-fried. Tea is often served with the meal. Chopsticks and a soup spoon are the common eating utensils in Taiwan. Each person is served or serves himself from the dish at the center of the table, placing small amounts of food in the rice bowl. When a person finished eating, he should leave a samll amount of rice at the bottom of the bowl, otherwise it will be refilled. Mealtime is important in the family and is seldom missed.
About the recreation, the most popular forms of recreation are movies, picnics, listening to music and hiking. Baseball, ping pong, volleyball, baseball, tennis and soccer are also enjoyed. Baseball is extermely popular among the youth. Taiwan now has professional baseball and basketball leagues. The elderly enjoy shadow boxing as a form of exercise and relaxation.


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