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PosterĄG Brenda Hsu at 18:3:26 12/17/97 from c549-21.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

In the past years, the phenomenon of influx of foreign culture and entertainment was very prevalent in Taiwan. We were deeply influenced by their characteristics. Everyone would feel and think more elegant when listening to classical music or feel cool and updated when listening to rock music from America. On the contrary, most people would think that listening to Taiwanese opera or watching prppetry belonged to low-class parts and were deemed as extrmely common entertainment, which was almost rooted in people's mind. Recently, Taiwan, however,put more emphasis on domestic or even aboriginal culture gradually. It seemed that those could represent the unique character of Taiwan's particular image. So a lot of talented people started to achieve or show their potential for making a great progress in creating culture and art which can definitely stand for our own character. Although it is not easy to substitute the foreign tendency thoroughly, how to facilitate them to integrate perfectly and
contribute harmoniously to the wonderful effect is pivotal. Of course, if we can express our own peculiar and special culture and entertainment, that will be great!


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