Taiwanese culture and entertainment

PosterĄG Emily Chu at 17:24:0 12/19/97 from c550-25.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

In my opinion, I think our culture is influenced
by Japanese and American cultures very much.
Many of our traditional cultures were lost or
forgotten by the people in Taiwan. Many of our variety
shows on TV copy directly from Japan or America. However,
it does not mean there isn't any hope for the Taiwanese culture to come alive again.
There are some people who have already notice this issue, and start to devote
themselves in Taiwanese culture. They hold many activities such as the folk art, drama,
dances, opera, and puppet show in Taiwan. They want to show the world that we also have
our own Taiwanese culture. As for the TV shows in Taiwan, there are some channels which
have already started to have some programs about places and the culture in Taiwan. I really
look forward to the future in Taiwan, because I believe it will get better and better.



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