Taiwanese culture and entertainment

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Nowadays, we have much more leisure time and we do need more and more recreation.
The entertainment plays an important part in our life.
For instance, we can get the information of show business quickly and easily from everday newspaper or news report.
People are always talking about the latest movie or what certain actor or actress is doing.
We always pay attention to the entertainment much or less.
As to Taiwanese culture, I think there are two kinds of phenomena.
One is that our younger generation is under the impact of American and Japanese fashion culture.
These products which are popular in America and Japan are also very popular among Taiwanese youngerster.
I can say that most young people don't care about our local culture and pay enough attention to Taiwanese culture.
Take the latest movie, Titanic, for example.
Most people have seen it at least once, and the number is increasing.
It also can show how deeply we are influenced by American culture.
On the other hand, there are another groups of people trying to preserve our local culture.
As we know, our traditional culture is loosing gradually.
Those groups of people try to inform us of the treasure of Taiwanese culture.
They do many performances and they also produce several TV programs talking about the history and tradition of Taiwan.
I think it is a very good opportunity to educate people to know more about the island we grow in and cherish it carefully.


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