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PosterĄG Jo Chen at 15:47:34 11/11/97 from

Please feel free to leave your message and share
>> with us your opinions about the following
>> situation:
>> You are being interviewed for a promising job in a
>> prestigious firm. It offers systematic on the job
>> training, challenging work, job insurance, job
>> security and possibilities for advancement. Most
>> important of all, the firm emphasizes equal
>> oppertunities regardless of sex and you can work
>> with the most outstanding professionals in the
>> field you are going into.
>> The only problem is that the interviewer insists
>> that it is a company policy that the salary for an
>> entry level employee is NT$19,000 while you can not
>> accept anything below $25,000 because you used to
>> make NT$23,000 and what you expect from the job
>> with your education and working experiences would
>> be no less than that.
>> The interviewer offers you the last chance, "Take
>> it or leave it. The rule of the company can not be
>> changed since it is essential for solid team spirit
>> and systematic development of the firm."
>> What would you do?
>>In my opinion, I will accept the job. Because I
believe that what I can learn is more important
than how much I can gain. I think the reason why
there are so many people who can't find a job is
because that they always think they deserve higher
salary and keep finding another job. Finally, they
have no job. What's an irony! Besides, I believe
my salary will increase a few years later since it
is a so systematic company.


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