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>> 5. Also, with the convenience tele-communication technologies provide us, English learning is no longer done in class in the English department. People get even more access to English via www, satellite broadcasting, etc. As an English major, how do you see this development will affect you? Does it mean you are not the privileged ones to be exposed to the English environment and you may face the reality that non-English majors shall have better English command than you do and compete with you more in the job market? Or does that mean that you will learn better how to make better use of the English dept. resources and think more about what the English department offers you in addition to the language training?

I don't think we are here in English Dept. only for better English command. Neither do I believe that English teachers, or any other language teachers, could be to totally displaced by computer software.
Learning is an interacitve process, including active production and passive reception. Human mutual-understanding plays a significant role in between. What I have learned from my English teachers is not the language itself, but the approaches to acquire better English competence. This is, an ESL teacher represents much more than English comprehension. Recall my long English-learning itenary, it was the eager anxiety that supports me till now, not the possible better career opportunity.
According to these arguments, I have nothing against non-Englisch majors' perfect English competence. On the contrary, I am confident that people will tell the difference.


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