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When a person grows up, he must find a job to earn his living. Therefore, choosing an job is very important to him. Then how does a person choose his profession. The following is my viewpoint. He must choose the profession that he is interested in.
A person does not work just for money. Only when a person likes his job will he feel that his life is meaningful. For example, if a person is interested in machines, he can be a mechanic. He also can do his job well and feel happy.
For me, I wish to be a teacher. Some say that a teacher's life is a very dull one, but I do not agree with this. As a teacher, one has the opportunity of making friends with all sorts of younger generation is fascinating. And during the disscussion with other students, I will grow up. Some of my pupils may become prominent citizens after some years. They may be famous artists, doctors, professors, rtc. Imagine the delight one enjoys seeing what good citizens one has brought up.
Another interesting thing is talking to students, and by talking to them, teachers will know more and know what the problem that he or she faced now, and give the students the help. I think that the teacher concerns all students, and students all love him or her, and that's very sweet.
As a whole, if a person choose a suitable job, he or she will devote himself or herself to the job and will be successful in his or her life.


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