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In my opinion, I think that our world changes rapidly as technology advances day by day. Owing to the helps of technology developments, modern people have more leisure time to do what they really want to do. They could exercise with special machines and see their favorite movies on TV. Housewives today do not have to so everything by handsanymore;they simply press some buttons and left all the house chores to the machines. They start to go to health clubs or find a job to work in.
As for myself, technology really helps me.I can know all the news in the world without stepping out of my house. All I have to do is to press a button and the news would be transmitted to my TV screen. I do not have to stay in one place to type my reports out with a heavy typewriter, because technology make it easy for me to use a lap top computer which is very light and easy to carry with. I also do not have to check up vocabulary with a thick dictionary, because all I need to do is to type in the vocabulary with an electric dictionary.
To most people,technology is very important to everyone. However, it is also very influential to many countries. Take our country for example, it changed Taiwan from an agriculture country to a land of hi tech. From electrical industry to the world of IC boards, technology has improved the living standard of people in Taiwan. In myb point of view, it directs the economy and the society in Taiwan,and Taiwan could never exist without the advancement of technology.


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