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Wow!What a magic world we live in now.People
can buy frozen foods that already cooked and that
only need to be putin to microwave oven and heated
for two to three minutes. If you want to type
your assignments, in the past time you may use the
typewrite, but nowadays we will use the computer
instead of the typewriter, because the computer
makes typing more esay and efficient. If people
want to send an urgent message quickly and safely,
people now will use fax machine instead of taking
transportation to deliver this document or message.
People can preserve the food for a longer time by
using freezer or refrigerator.
It seemed that thet developments in both
science and technology did change our day-to-day
life, and how did those remarkable advances affect
our country.
There are several examples. We use the radar
to investigate the P.O.C.'s movable military to
increase our country's national defense. We can
know the movement of typhoon and diminish the
damage of typhoon by man-made satellite.
Many businessmen use the universal personal
telephones to talk to their customers about the
business affairs to make money, and in this way,
our country's economic develop.
Science and technology did change our life
and influence our country, but how can they affect
our English majors.
We may watch the BBC or CBS news from the
satellite TV broadcasting to improve our listening
ability and increase our vocabulary. We may not
sit down to study English with a textbook or
dictionary, but we turn on the computer and slip
in a CD-ROM. We can listen to the articles while
viewing text on the screen, and we can also record
our voice to correct pronunciation.
By those effects above, we can gain a clear
picture that science and technology play an
important role in very aspects of our life.


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