Reflection on Science and Technology

PosterĄG Winnie Ying at 11:37:33 1/10/98 from

In my opinion, Science and Technology really change the
world and it also have a great influence to our daily life.
With the high technology that offer us in today's
world, we can have more free time to do what we want.
In my grandma's day, people had to do a lot of things
using their energy. But nowadays, we just have to press
a buttom with our finger tips, everything will be done.
In consequence, people are also destorying their God's
gift, the world by their own hand. With the developing of the
hi-tech, people become more lazier. They do not really know
the value of "nature". So,nowadays, we can see
people start to afraid of "the warning of the world".
They start to aware of their destroying, and try to protect
the nature as far as they could. They urged people to
recycle. Maybe the future of the world depends on
us and our younger generations. So , with the development of
our science and technology, we should not forget
the existance of our world in addition to the beauty
and wonder of nature.


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