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PosterĄG Kaity at 15:31:38 1/12/98 from

High technology gives us great help for living.
It can help people to save time. For example, the
fax machine, E-mail, computers and so on. I
admire the high technology epecially after
visiting the Howard Hotel. I say how they ironed
their clothes and sheets. It's amazing that a
machine can help people to fold a sheet with
several machanic hands. And they iron their
clothes with specific machines. They iron gleeves
and backs and so on in different machines.
Therefore, I think high technology is amazing.
However, I think high technology also has its
negative side that it may let people become lazy
just like me... I worry about the future will be
stupid in athlete. From the raising rate of the
people who wear glasses, we can know that
children's entertainment almost is watching TV,
and play computer games. It's a danger for the
future generation that they spend too much time
on the so-called hig technique production. They
might lose their interest on nature. I agree that
the high technology should be developed, but it
should be done in a proper. Maybe the government
can provide more courses for children to go out
and closer to nature.


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