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In fifty years, I really could not and I am afraid
to imagine what will become of our lives. Because
as our technology are being fast developed and we
have better equipment and facilities, there are
more and more social problems, especially this year.
Serious crimes were committed one after one; natural
and hand-made disasters occur more and more frequently.
Our world is not becoming better. Maybe it is those
privileged people who have more power can always have
a better life; those weak and poor live worse. There
is not an equal resource allocation. Thus, I think
for most common people, as Julia mentions in the book,
"there will always be work for people to do" and since
the competition will become hotter, our younger generations
will live lives with much more pressures. Thus so what
is the kind of life of the Hi-tech woman.
I only know that the technology development changes and
in some ways does improve our material life but at the
same time I did not see our spiritual lives becoming better,
or at least in Taiwan. It is really weird that since modern
technological products save us a lot of time and we can
say that we can have more time to do entertainment, what
do we really make use of those time? Maybe just as what
many people do after work, they lie down on the sofa
and watch TV till falling asleep. Besides, the natural
scenery is not as well as before and is infected by
all kinds of pollution which happen to be due to the
development of the modern technology. For example,
we make cars, motorcycles which original purpose is
to make our transportation faster; however, they turn
out to produce the air pollution and what is worse
is that too many cars and not enough road space slow
down the speed of the cars ,and sometimes it costs our
time much more. When in the very new morning we start
our new days but breath the dusty air left by yesterday.
Should we have to choose such life losing everything
instead of getting the advantages of modern lives
and also keeping what were good yesterday. In Taiwan,
at least, I did not see the hope.
Another is that I do think the rapid changes make
us have to learn the day-to-day developed modern
products like computers which have a very limited
one- year product cycle and we have to be ready to
take the new coming challenges. Maybe before the
old we have not learned well, the new jumps out.
In such surrounding, it is not only exciting but
also hard to keep our moving forwards. We may easily
become distracted. What we want may be just to make
a lot of money in order to enjoy the modern technological
products and forget about those technological products
are only means to help us live more happily not only
materially but more important is mentally. Maybe
I am too critical and pessimistic. That is because
sometimes I am confused about what do I really want and why.
The social values make me think that the physically
comfort is the priority and money can buy almost everything;
holding more money is holding more power and privileges.
Everything always has good sides and bad sides.
One of the advantages I think in the convenience of
portable phones. Since telephone plays a very important
part in me life, I really love this modern product and
I think it did bring each other closer. What is the
love and care that really count.


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