Weekly issue:science&technology

PosterĄG Doris Chang at 14:16:28 11/28/97 from kate.sf.fju.edu.tw

1. How does the development of science and technolgy affect our live?
2. How is our life chaged along with the rapid growth of pcs at home, the fax machines, the internet, and other
computer-related technologies?
3. Does it mean that we enjoy more convenient life and could spend more time on leisure activities or does it mean
that we will be overwhelmed by the great amount of global information brought to us and our homes?
4. Do we really find more time to relax or do we spend even more time trying to catch up with the development of
science and technology?
5. Also, with the convenience tele-communication technologies provide us, English learning is no longer done in class
in the English department. People get even more access to English via www, satellite broadcasting, etc. As an English
major, how do you see this development will affect you? Does it mean you are not the privileged ones to be exposed
to the English environment and you may face the reality that non-English majors shall have better English command
than you do and compete with you more in the job market? Or does that mean that you will learn better how to make
better use of the English dept. resources and think more about what the English department offers you in addition to
the language training?
How do you benefit from the development of the web and richer varieties of access to English and information world

Please feel free to post your reflections on the questions listed above or comment on the disscussions. Also, you may
even want to come up with even more questions.


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