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I have both positive and negative opinions. First of all, it is very obvious that the high technology brings us a lot of convenience. It saves our time and gives us much more leisure time. For example, we can send our message by fax machines. It is much faster than sending by mail. Secondly, the hi-tech products play more and more important role in our day-to-day life. We are influenced by them anytime and everywhere. Such as telephones, televisions, computers, cars, refrigerators, etc., it seems we can't live without them for a single day. Thirdly, for we have more leisure time, it promotes the increasing of recreational activities.
But, we also become lazier with the approaching of modern technology. We rely on the hi-tech products. We go upstairs by taking elevator instead of climbing steps. We do laundry by washing machine rather than wash by hands. Everything seems to be automated; therefore, everyone gets lazier and lazier. It is not a good sign in today's world. More and more couch potatoes are made by the hi-tech products.
Then, let me make some predictions about the future. First, computer will control everything. You don't have to write and type; computer will do it for you. If you want to make a phone call, you don't have to dial the number; computer will dial for you. You don't have to open the door by keys; computer will identify you and open the door for you. Maybe we can walk in the air; however, we also have traffic jam in the air. Obviously, our younger generation will suffer more; they shall learn more and earlier about the high technology. In short, an idiot of high technology cannot survive in the future.
Technology has both advantages and disadvantages. It depends how we use it wisely.


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