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I often think about that who will be so great
to create so many convenient objects for us to
use. Whenever I know someone who is a designer of
conveniences, I will adore him/her and thank him/
her very much. Undeniably, professional of
science and technology brings the masses many
benefits. Besides, they are still keeping
developing their own abilities and also our
I believe that in the soon future, we will
no longer worry about our daily life. There will
be any kinds of robots to do everything for us.
There will be robots of cooking, cloth-making,
house-building, house-keeping, driving, etc.
Besides, the network of communication lines
will densely cover all around Taiwan Island, even up to
the mountains and the mass transit system will
become extremely fast and convenient that we just
have to spend 10 minutes from Taipei to Kaoshiung.
Furthermore, we will see and hear channels from
all countries in the world.
Since I have my own computer, I rarely write
my homework now. I can design my papers as
beautiful as possible by using the computer.
I can find all kinds of information from the
network. I can use the computer to mail my
friends who live abroad. I can even chat to
foreigners on the computer. Computers almost
bring everything to me! Moreover, I can almost
know all the news around the world by watching TV
or listening to radio. Video and satellite TV
give me a various life. I guess, in the future,
we no longer have to do anything by ourselves. I
hope human beings, at that time, will not become
lazy, stupid, and stiff.


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