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PosterĄG Grace Hsu at 10:59:26 12/12/97 from

I think nowadays people cannot live without
modern science. Computer, public transportation,
electric equipments and so on save lots of our
time and energy, so we really depend on technology
very much! Perhaps, in the future, we can have
the kind of robots, like on the textbook, which
can do all things for us. Therefore, we can have
more leisure time to do what we want. However,
if we let all things be controlled by computers or
robots, such as teaching, caring babies, helding
meetings, or cooking, people maybe become lazier.
This may affect their haslth! Besides, not
everyone can enjoy the science, so the rich will
be richer, but the poor become poorer! These things
we should pay attention to. At any rate, I still
enjoy the benefits which science and thchnology
bring very much!


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