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Since we born in this world with technology and
science surrounded, we hace used to live with the
convenience they bring to us. I absolutely agree
that technology and science nowadays are really
great help for our daily lives. Because of
inventions of daily facility, we don't have to
spend time on making fire to cook, washing clothe
by our hand, or worrying where to get water. We
only need to put food into the microwave oven,
throw our clothes into the washing machine, and
turn on the faucet, and everything is done quickly
and correctly. Since we do not need to worry about
these tedious problems, we may get more leisure time
for entertainment.
Sometimes I wonder what it would be to live in
primitive age without electricity, transportation,
clothes, house, and modern facility. Wow! It must
be an exciting adventure full of challenges to
nature everyday. However for me, it is just
tolerable to experience this kind of life for few
days, I can hardly imagine to live all my life
without my favorite television, fried chicken, and
movies. It must be very terrible.
The development of technology and science started
to progress rapidly from about two hundred years
ago, and they also aroused the evolution of
industry, agriculture, economy,and etc. Directly
or indirectly, these also caused the prosperity
and progress of our country. Just look back to
ten years ago, we would realize how fast Taiwan
grew in many aspects from our surroundings,
there are more and more high buildings, department
stores, high ways, and the rapid transportation
systems. Without doubts, Taiwanese must get extra
time than before; however, we seem not really enjoy
our leisure time under this high-tech modern time,
maybe it is because people still want to make more
money instead of enjoyment.
In addition to the development of our society, I
feel that some specialservices are needed. For
example, psychologists are needed that people can't
find how to balance when facing pressure; electric
pets become popular because they satisfy our content
to have a pet without many responsibilities, it is
O.K. that the electric petmay die because of our
carelessness. These show that people seem to become
more vulnerable in face of troubles and our new
generation want to enjoy, but dislike duties or
burdens. It is really difficult to define if
technology and science both are absolutely good
for us.


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