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PosterĄG Luca Lin at 14:3:32 1/9/98 from

As a beneficiary from the modern equipment, I dare not say that I don't like
the changes brought by technology progress in the last few decades.
However, in some respects, I do miss the way it used to be, for
example:the joy on receiving mails. Though the Internet brings out
world much closer and delivers important messages more efficient
than whatever else, I feel the distance between human being became
on the contrary even longer. We meet friends now not so often, cause
things can be easily done by fax or E-mail. People nowadays are used
to knowing someone else for years without having met once. We have now
less time for family as a result of the busy life style through every
kind of new tele-communication inventions;we might be occasionally
sharing internal feeling with family members and the mobil
phone pops up. You might be visiting the grandma,while the A-B-call
pages, YOu would be called for another activity, urgent or not. YOu used
to enjoy the tasty home-made dishes, now the fast-food or eat-out
take over much of this enjoyment as the time is concerned. You used
to make efforts for a get-together;now a conference-talk on the phone
replaces many personal contact. what remains in the daily life is
related to either career or future. City people never get up 15 minutes
earlier for a morning walk,but they are willing to pay for the body
training club. People tend to consume disposable products becase of the
wonderful legacy from industiral revolution, mass production. In spite
of sever preaching for the enviornmental protection,the garbage problem
remains owing to our throw-away habits an unsolved one. People take
everything for granted, cause the human civilization history approved
ourselves the absolute power over the other living things in the world.
We became therefore less aware of appreciation. All kind of incredible
technologcal and scientific breakthroughs spoil out mentality in general.
Not long ago, people are crazy about portential human clone only for spare
organs' sake. I am wondering how the society would


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