Taiwanese Pop Music
In my opinion about the Davie's sixth question, I feel that it is not necessary to worry
 about the fact that our pop music adapt the western style because music itself has no
 boundary of nations. As long as they are able to produce good music for listeners to
 appreciate, I think it is ok to adapt western style because they just want their worksbetter, right.
 Besides, I will give three example about the content we discussed in class. Felicity,
 Emily and I think that in the mainsteam, we chose the singer called "³\¦pªå." She has
 a great mount of package promotion through singing several famous theme songs and
 through cable TV. The most striking charater of her singing skill is the manifestation of
 her soft voice and high-pitch tone viberated by her breath. She creates a new style of
 singing, which contributes to the alternative singing skill. Furthermore, this results in
 some tendency of imitation from her unique style.
 As for the non-mainstream, we chose the person "³¯¬À©g" because her lyrics are
 quite special, including her daily life trials. And from these lyrics, they are capable of
 reflecting the phenomenon which made peopel begin to think these political, social, and current issues.
 As for Taiwanese pop music, we selected "¶À¤A¬Â" because when she sang songs,
 people could feel deep emotions from her voice and even as if we had had
 experienced those situatios the songs presented. She could performed and interpreted
 the songs vividly. Besides, she held a life concert recently and attracted a lot of
 audience. Within it, she added the popular dances and singing style as those popular
 singers did. That is a really special performance for Taiwanese female singers in such a way.