Taiwanese Pop Music
In my opinion, most idol singers became popular
 becuse of their baby faces and neat clothes.
 However, some of them really don,t sing well.
 They only attract many young teenageers to be  their fans.
 And as western musicians start to regard Taiwan
 as an important market, more and more westren
 singers decide to come to Taiwan and make a
 fortune. Of course, it is not a bad thing for
 these western musicians to come to Taiwan because
 we can learn something about their music style
 and combined into our own music. Although music
 with western styles sell well in Taiwn market in the
 recent year, we can not guarentee it will sell well forever.
 In my opinion, I think we need more talented singers rather
 than idol singers and we need to develop our own style
 of Taiwan music and dominate the western market in the future!