Taiwanese Pop Music
For the time being, Taiwan's pop music scence is no longer confined to Western
 imports, but enjoys its own diverse supply of singers, composers, and producers.
 They are creating their own styles and keeping up with international trends. Moreover,
 they are at center stage in a growing regional market for Chinese misic. For instance,
 the Best Producer of Taiwan's music award " Golden Song Award" this year, David
 Tao, did a great job for combing R&B style with typical Taiwanese commercial songs
 together and is generally accepted. He even sings an old Taiwanese song ±æ¬K­· in  R&B style.
 I've listened to Tiwan's pop music since I was very little, about the age of six or seven.
 As a role of a long-time listener, I am glad to see the improvement of Tiwanese pop music.