Taiwanese Pop Music
1. I think the reason why there are so many idol singers showing up is because people
 all like beautiful, attractive, and "cool" images and most idol singers possess those
 characters. They are imitated by most teenagers. Besides, the majority of album
 consumers are teenagers and many teenagers emphasize more on singers'
 appearances than their singing skills. Any way, "first impression counts". People are
 always affected a lot by the first impression of a singer.
 2. I think that most music litseners in Taiwan prefer the western music style. That's
 why since the very first time Western music instilled Taiwan Island, most music
 composers in Taiwan prefer to imitate the wertern music style to compose new
 Mandarin, or even Taiwanese songs. And most consumers will be attracted by this  kind of music.
 3. Music with pure Taiwan's original style is gradually disappearing and in the future,
 there will be only western style Taiwan's music. Since most people prefer to litsen to
 the western style music and with the rise of people's levels of knowledge, people may
 give up listening Chinese music and choose to listen to pure Western music instead.
 4. We should learn the strong points of foreign music and get rid of the weaknesses,
 then design or create our own music. Or we can mix up local music and foreign music
 in a harmonious way. For example, use Western instruments to play Chinese or
 Taiwanese songs or use Chinese instruments to play Western music.
 5. I think many non-mainstream singers like ³¯¬À©g or ª÷ªù¤ý, present many
 political, social, physical, or mental phenomena happen in our daily life and they even
 present some personal experiences that we will also encounter in our daily lives. So
 we will feel intimate to listen to their songs.
 6. It may be harmful for Taiwanese pop music to adapt too much western style
 because as I mentioned before the pure Taiwanese style music will gradually
 disappear in the future and people will forget what is Taiwanese style music.
 7. As I mentioned before, we can mix up the local music style and foreign music style
 together. We can absorb the advantages of western music and get rid of the
 weaknesses of our own original music to compose our own music.