Taiwanese Pop Music
Idol singers are showing up not precisely for their good
 voice, but for their appearance. They are handsome
 boys, or cute girls that call audience
 attention, specially teenagers. It's not only
 idol's appearance, but also thay have to be nice
 or dance well. People buy idol singers album,
 because they want to be up-to-date. Also because
 these singers appearance attract the audience.
 In the past, Western music influenced Taiwan
 specially on teenagers. Teenagers didn't care if
 they could understand the lirics of Western songs.
 They just wanted to be on top of the Western music
 scene. Teenagers also imitated the fashions on the
 album covers. Then, singers in Taiwan adapted some
 Western styles. Besides, groups like LA Boyz brought
 into Taiwan their music with their American style.
 I think that there was a big success combining both
 culture. But, as it was mention in class, local singers
 can imitate Western styles, but probably it won't fit
 the local singer. Because they can't imitate other
 cultures brainchild. However, there are local singers
 that are trying to create their own brainchild.
 Some Taiwanese-dialect singers create their own music,
 reflection their own culture.
 Western albums are well sold in Taiwan, and it's
 important to have knowledge of Western music. There
 are also local singers that are good for their voice rather
 than their appearance. But, "idol singer" should show
 up more for their talents.