Hello!  I'm Victoria and my Chinese name is §õ±Ó®S.
Some of my closer friends call me Vivi.
     Learing language is my interest, English and Japanese
in particular.  As a consequence, I major in English Dept.
I am fond of reading Japanese novel and watching Japanese
films.  But sometimes there are people asking me," why I
like to learn Japanese much?  Don't you think they are so
cruel and abnormal?"  I always don't know how to answer
their question and I just give them a very bright smile.  My
uncle encourages me to write English letters to him often
because he thinks this may improve my writing ability.  And
if I have leisure time, I will send E-mail to him.
     I want to engage in business or the Press after my
graduation.  Most of my relatives hope me to be a English
teacher but I am not very interested in teaching.  Maybe
it is because I have no much patience and my express
ability is not good enough.
     In future years, I want to learn more about English and
Japanese and others which can help me in thefuture.  To  arrange my time well is the first thing I have to do.
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