1. Volume 40 - 2006
  • Edward Said, Cultural Politics, and Critical Theory (An Interview).......Terry Eagleton
  • Through Western Eyes: Young Adult Literature Set in China.......Jesse S. Crisler
  • Voices from the Irsih Margin: Sean O'Casey's The Shadow of a Gunman and Christina Reid's Joyriders......Wei H. Kao
  • Lebens- Und Todesauffassung Bei Max Frisch: Triptychon. Drei Szenische......Luzia Mei-Ling Wang
  • Les Ravages De La Jalousie Dans La Cousine Bette.....Wei-Ling Chen
  • Oratorical Manipulation and Critical Reading: A Study of The Proem of Lysias's Against Eratosthenes.....Vassilis Vagios
  • Das Deutschlandbild Taiwanischer Germanistikstudenten Vor Und Nach Ihrem Aufenthalt in Deutschland.....Daniel Tsann-Ching Lo
  • Valores de Uso y Omisión de los Artículos y su Aplicación en las Funciones Sintácticas.....Andrea Yu-Tsuey Fu
  1. 2008國際語言圓桌論壇:語言的多元應用與遠景 new!
    2008 International Round Table Discussions: Multiple Applications and Perspectives of Language
    Date: April 18, 2008
  2. 第五屆國際語文研討會:文學、語言學、語言教學 new!
    TELL 2008 The Fifth International Conference on Teaching of Languages, Linguistics and Literature
    Date: April 21, 2008
  3. 2008全國語言學研討會
    2008 National Conference on Linguistics
    Date: May 2~3, 2008
    Early Registration: April 15
  4. 第二十五屆中華民國英語文教學研討會 The 25th Conference of English Teaching and Learning in R.O.C.
    2008國際英語教學與評量研討會 2008 International Conference on English Instruction and Assessment
    Date: May 3~4, 2008
  1. Topic: Interprefactions: Freud’s Legendary Science
    Moderator: Prof. Chih-chung Shen (Assistant Professor, DFLL, NTU) 沈志中助理教授(國立臺灣大學外文系助理教授)
    Speaker: Prof. Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen (University of Washington)
    Time: 3:00 ~ 5:00 pm, Wednesday, April 9, 2008
    Place: 20th Classroom, 1F College of Liberal Arts, NTU 臺大文學院一樓文20教室
  2. Topic: Cultures of Shame, Cultures of Guilt: Masculinity Insufficieny in 'The Count of Ponthieu's Daughter'
    Moderator: Prof. Ming-tsang Yang (Associate Professor, DFLL, NTU) 楊明蒼副教授(國立臺灣大學外文系副教授)
    Speaker: Prof. William E. Burgwinkle (Reader in Medieval French and Occitan Literature, Department of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge)
    Time: 3:00 ~ 5:00 pm, Wednesday, April 16, 2008
    Place: DFLL New Conference Room, 1F Old Main Library, NTU 臺大舊總圖一樓外文系新會議室
  3. Topic: Cultures of Shame, Cultures of Guilt: Masculinity Insufficiency in ‘The Count of Ponthieu’s Daughter’
    Speaker: Prof. William E. Burgwinkle, Department of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge
    Time: 2:00 pm, Thursday, April 17, 2008
    Place: Conference Room, 1st fl., Institute of European and American Studies, Academic Sinica 中研院歐美研究所研究大樓一樓會議室
  4. 跨女性研究
    Series Lectures: Transnational Women's Studies
    From: February 22~July 4, 2008.


  1. The 48th ISCSC World Conference:
    Civilization in the Americas and around the World: Past, Present, and Future

    Deadline: April 20, 2008
  2. 國立雲林科技大學應用外語系2008專業英文研討會 new!
    2008 ESP Conference
    Deadline: April 28, 2008
  3. 臺南大學「2008英語文教學」研討會
    2008 NUTN Conference on Innovative Approaches to the Teaching of English
    Deadline: September 1, 2008


  1. Fu Jen Award for Outstanding Research
    Deadline: April 15, 2008