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Pride and PreJudice:

  Plot Summary (4)  

Chapters 47 - 51; 52-61

 Chapters 1-6; 7-12; 13-23; 24 - 26; 27 - 38; 39 - 46 
Chapters 47 - 51 solution of Lydia's elopement scandal and the couple's homecoming
Chap. Activities Dialogue; Narration 
47.  Elizabeth and the Gardiners arrived at Longbourne.  Discussion of Lydia's case. 
48. Discussion of Lydia's case continues. Collins' letter and Mr. Bennet's changes.
49.  Resolution of Lydia's case by marriage arrangement.  Mr. Gardiner's letter.
50.  aftermath: E. reflects on her family and Darcy; Mr. Gardiner's second letter. 
51.  Lydia and Wickham's homecoming. [Lydia/J/E about her wedding]
Chapters 52-61 preparation for the last two proposals, the proposals and the happy ending.
Chap. Activities Dialogue; Narration 
52. Revelation of Darcy's help in Lydia's case.  Mrs. Gardiner's letter.
53. Darcy and Bingley's visit.
54. large party at Longbourne.   [E/J about Bingley]
55. Bingley's proposal and the family's happy responses. 
56. Lady Catherine's visit  [E/Lady C]
57. Another preparation for the coming proposal: Collins' letter.
58. Darcy's proposal.
59. The Bennet family's responses.
60. Informing the others, recieving congratulations.  [E/D about their love]
61. Happy endings.
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