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Bibliographies on  
Canadian Literature and Film Studies
(available in Fu Jen, June, 2001) 
Table of Contents目錄                encoding: Chinese Big 5
I. Canadian Literature 

A. Primary Sources

      1. anthologies 
      2. individual authors 
B. Secondary 
      1. general 
      2. ethnic literature
      3. bibliographies
C. Joy Kogawa 
      1. primary 
      2. secondary 
D. Chinese-Canadian literature
(with a focus on Sky Lee) 
      1. primary 
      2. secondary 
E. Caribbean-Canadian literature 
(with a focus on A. Clarke, Bissoondath and D. Brand) 
      1. primary 
      2. secondary 
F. Bharati Mukherjee
——馮品佳提供(Pin-chia Feng)
    1. primary
    2. secondary
G. Margaret Atwood
--楊如英(Leonora Yang)提供
    1. primary
    2. secondary
    3. Fairy-Tale Approaches
H. Michael Ondaatje
I. Other white Canadian writers 
    1. Alice Munro
    a. primary
    b. secondary
    2. Margaret Laurence 
    3. Timothy Findley
    4. Robert Lepage
    5. Leonard Cohen
II. Canadian Films 

A. general  (Kate, Rhonda)
B. Atom Egoyan-- 蕭瑞莆提供 (Rhonda Hsiao)
C. Patricia Rozema--  劉紀蕙提供  (Joyce Liu)
D. David Cronenberg--  林文淇提供   (Wenchi Lin)

III. Race Relations and National Identity種族國族論述 

A. books
B. articles

IV. Related Postcolonial Literature後殖民論述

A. general
B. globalization
C. 工具書

V. Postmodern Geography
(with a focus on Canadian city) 

A. general
B. Canadian City

VI. Canadian Films & Documentary

A. author
B. literature into films
C. documentaries on authors, issues of race and cultures
D. feature films
E. animations
F. books

VII. Periodicals

VIII. Materials to be catalogued

IX. Postcolonial film studies後殖民電影研究

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Canadian Literature and Film