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Li-young Lee (1957-)
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  In an interview published in the San Diego Union-Tribune, April 11, 1996, Lee said, "I'm highly aware that I'm a guest in the language. I'm wondering if that's not the truth for all of us, that somehow we're all guests in language, that once we start speaking any language somehow we bow to that language at the same time we bend that language to us,"
(It's from River City Writers Series set up by Creative Writing Club in The University of Memphis.)

Biographical information:
  1. Biography

  2. Biography

  3. A resume of Li-Young Lee

  4. Introduction to Lee's life and some guiding questions about his poems


Relevant links
  1. Online site about Lee receiving an honory doctorate


E-texts of poems:
  1. "The Gift"

  2. "Persimmons"
  3. --Brief analysis of the poem

    --Another analysis of the poem

    --Site with summary and commentary on the poem

    --Real audio recording of Lee reading the poem

    --Site that provides Chinese cultural context for the poem

  4. "Early in the Morning"

  5. "Eating Alone"

  6. "Eating Together"

  7. "I ask my Mother to Sing"

    --Guiding questions from our department's English Literature Databank

  8. "Visions and Interpretations"

  9. "This Hour and What is Dead"

  10. "For a New Citizen of These United States"

  11. "A Story"
11. "The Father's House" 

--This poem is based on a painting
by Lee's brother
(Li Lin Lee) called "Corban Ephphatha I." 

--Site with a resume and reproduction of another 
painting by Li Lin Lee

--Site with more examples of Li Lin Lee's 

click on it to see it's enlarged one 
and it's source
click on it to see it's enlarged one 
and it's source

 Additional Li-young Lee poems available as e-texts:

  1. "This Room and Everything in It"

  2. "The City in Which I Love You"


***The background is a print called "Lucky Life" done by Li-young Lee's brother Li Lin Lee.  It's from Crown Point Press. 
      LUCKY LIFE, 1990/Color woodcut on silk mounted on rag paper/30-1/4 x 29-1/4", edition 35

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