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  1. structuralist narratology: thematic structure or narrative structure (using Propp or Greimas)

  2. ◆ 《包青天》等連續劇:
    1. the righteous involved with the wicked-e.g. romance the good the good
    2. A: bring the ones on the margin back to where they belong- -----*------- Helper ---------
    3. Helper: the supernatural e.g. fish elf the evil the evil
    ◆ (father and son*s conflict) Eagleton*s example -Oedipal reading, humanist reading
    [Eagleton, Terry. 《文學理論導讀》.吳新發譯. 見書目]
    1. Father (above) vs. the son (below) b
    2. the son*s escape *
    3. the son falls into a pit *
    4. Father goes seeking the son at night*
    5. The sun coming up, father finds the son. * reconciliation **
  3. semiotics


  5. structure of narration
  6. Eveline
    "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?" by John Updike
    "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?"-discussion questions
  7. Explain binary oppositions or Greimas* semantic rectangle, or the lack of them, in any narrative.
  8. The Stolen Farthings——分析方式
              "Snowed Up"  by Richard Jefferies
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