Kogawa, World Literatures in English Course 2000
Obasan: Examples of Racism
I. Official Racism: 
  • Aunt Emily's analysis & resistance: pp. 33-34; 36
  • The government's letters: 
    1. chap 7 p. 37: letter by B. Good about the confiscation of Grandma Kato's property.
    2. chap 32 pp. 212-13  about admission of Noami's mother and grandmother Kato

  • consequences: evacuation "like dung drops" 118

  • fragmentation--a loveless communion 182
    destruction of life 186
  • in Naomi's dreams: appear as (the British) soldiers, the Grand Inquisitor
  • in Stephen's dream: appear as a metallic insect
II. Individual Persons
  • Old Man Gower
  • the children Stephen meets chap 22: want to beat him up
  • the while-haired girl Naomi meets: chap 22 accusing her of killing the kitten
  • Mr. and Mrs. Barker: chap 34;  offensive sympathy for and distance from them.