Contemporary Candian Film and Literature (Fall, 1999)
Robert Lepage (1957- )
Le Confessionnal
Characters, Plot-lines,
Background, Themes
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first generation:

Paul-Emile Lamontagne (taxi-driver), 

Fracoise Lamontagne (wife of Paul-Emile);

old and young priets; 

Rachel (sister of Francoise); 

second generation:

Pierre Lamontagne,

Marc (the son of Paul-Emile and Rachel), 





Parallel plots:
F's Miscarriage and her confession R's Pregnancy and her confession  Suspicion of Massicott  Birth of Marc(Life);
Finishing of I Confess  "Cut"
Rachel's Suicide
Father's Death Search for Marc Search for Father and the photo album Massicott's confession in chess game  Marc's Suicide

Showing of I Confess Father's Confession and self-punishment
Massicott's Revelation Another pair of Father-Son (Life/Danger)

1952; 1989 Quebec City;


1.  魁北克現代化(modernity)侵入的表徵.:電視的盛行
2.  Maurice Depulessis (1890-1959)再次當選魁北克省長 (1944-1959)支持天主教教會保守右派屬於國家聯盟黨(Union National)。
3.  Intertext: Hitchcock's I Confess (1953; plot summary )

1. 日本代表跨國經濟殖民的勢力:  (Brian Mulroney (1939~) ,  加拿大總理,保守主義者。  Massicotte扮演日、加經貿特使  ,為經濟殖民者服務的特使   成為「偽父親」。
2.  中國天安門鎮壓屠殺事件:    為內在殖民的代表。

(Ref. 江足滿《國家與性別:當代台灣、印度、加拿大小說與魁北克電影》中外文學 [Chung-Wai Literary Monthly])

Themes and Issues:
1. Confession: 2. Fathers: The absent father: Paul-Emile
False fathers: Hitchcock & Marsicotte

How does the filim reveal who Marc's father is?

3. Family heritage: diabetes and suicide

Are the Montaigne family doomed?

4. oppression in history and by history -- past forever present; references to the political/historical

5. Color Motif:
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