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-- hosted by Patsy Tang

Topics:(1)future plans; (2) The English Week & the Alumni Association;  (3)Popular Music; (4) free discussion    Enter the chatroom.

Congratulations!  Winners of our prizes!

Jessie Wang --  NTC's American English Learner's Dictionary 
Olivia Wang -- NTC's Super-Mini Common American Phrases
Maggie Pan  --  Longman Dictionary of Business English, New Edition
Grace Yang --  NTC's Super-Mini American Slang Dictionary

The past chat rooms --
October Topics
(Taipei, Sex Scandal and Campus Issues).
Kate Liu
November  Topics
(English Eduction, Mayoral Election and Taiphoon)
Doris Chang
December  Topics
(1. Internet Dating, Campus Security; 2. National IC Card, Cellular Phone; 3. Taiwan's Election Campaign Culture
Rebecca Yeh
March, 99 Topics
(Academy Awards and Your Favorite Films, 2. 
Name Brands and Fashions, 3. Slimness Trend and your Style)
Patsy Tang

    •  In order to help you practice your English, please write mostly in English.  Taiwanese proper names can be written in Chinese.  Each month we have a hostess responsible for managing her discussion boards.  Improper speeches will be deleted automatically.
    • Prizes!
    • At the end of each month, we will draw lots and choose 2-3 students to get some gifts.