The nglish Week & the lumni Association 
What do you expect them to do for you?
Come Express yourself
  In Our Chatroom!
    Thenglish Week -- usually held in March on campus. 
   What do you think about the last one held in March?
Which part of it do you like the most?   Which part needs to be improved?
What are the advantages of the Engish week?  What more do you expect to get from it?
Do you want to keep on selling your thing in the flea market in our student association?
Do you expect us to keep on selling those old but useful books in the student association?
  lumni Association -- Very soon (in May) the alumni will have a long-awaited reunion at school and --very soon some of us will become "alumni" . . .
Dear alumni (Xueih-jieh and Xueih-hsiung), what would you like to speak to us? 
What do you think about leaving school and being an alumus?   We actually have left several schools since the elementary school.  Which do you remember and like the most?  Which period of education do you find to be the most enjoyable and fun? 
  Every year the department arranged to have some alumni come back to talk to us?  Sometime it was well attended, but sometimes not.  Do you have any suggestions about this activity?