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  Do you like to buy those name brands clothes or things with recognizable logos?

  Do you think that young people like to follow  those name brands nowadays? Why? What do they (or we) like about? Quality? Fashion? The design? Personal style? Or just the designers' logos?  Do you agree with this trend?

   Will you be allured by the name brands  advertisements and then buy the product??
  What do you think a successful advertisement for a 
famous brand should be like? Using  attractive models? Making the ad  impressive? Having a special or easy to remember slogan? Making their product looks attractive?

  Recently, Japanese styles prevail tremendously.  For example, Hello Kitty, My Melody and Pocket Monster become young people's favorites and a lot of companies use those logos to promote their products.  Do you think it is an excenllent method in the business market?  Why do people like Japanese products so much?