Why does everybody want to be Slim??
What's your opinion of body beauty???
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The Trend to be slim and body sculpture
What's your point of view of beauty?  Do you think that being slim is beautiful?

Do you care about your figure or build?  What's your method of keeping fit? Eating less? Exercising? And do you want to suggest some good and easily done exercise?

Why there are so many TV commercials about loosing 
weight?  Will you be attracted in the commmercials by them especially when  a successful example stands out to talk about her experience?

Will you buy the medicine which the cable TV programs sell?  Do you believe them?  Do you feel safe to take such medicine?  How can we protect ourselves to avoid being deceived?

College beauty and your sense of style 
Many people say that female students in Fu Jen are  beautiful. Do you agree with that? Why?

There are many TV programs which search college beauties on campus.  Do you like to watch those programs?  Do you really think those girls who are selected by the programs beautiful? If not, what's your ideal beautiful girls?