Argumentation and Informal Persuasion Topics:
  1. Flexible Tuition (Universities can raise tuition by themselves.) (ref. 1, 2)
  2. It is a good idea to get a college degree from mainland China. (ref. 1, 2) The government should acknowledge the degree awarded by mainland Chinese universities. (
  3. Cohabitation for college students
  4. Corporeal punishment in middle education.
  5. Examination exerts pernicious influence on education.  (See details. )¡VJoint Entrance Exam should be abolished. Quizzes in class, and the finals should be reduced.
  6. Can we improve our English when using chatroom?
  7. We should introduce to elementary schools English native speakers as teachers.
  8. English education in elementary school should be extended to grade 1.
  9. (Dead Poet Society) Is it alright for Mr. Keating to encourage Neil to insist on his interest when it is strictly forbidden by his parents?
    (More specific: The English department's curriculum should be changed to include more pragmatic courses.
    Broader: The mail goals of college education: career preparation or holistic education)
  10. Co-Ed or single-sex schools (schools for girls' and boys' separately ) for middle education. (See details. )
  11. College students should do the cleaning works at school.
  12. Hiring English native speakers from abroad as teachers in Taiwan’s elementary schools is not the best way to provide an English learning environment.
  13. The chool Authority Should not use fine to punish students for their delays (e.g. in paying the credit fee or the Language Practical Training Fees).
  14. Elementary schools ought to have daily PE class.
  15. Pre-School English Education Should be de-emphasized.
    -- Free trade (e.g. WTO, or The Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific, or FTAAP) vs. Protectionism as it is related to a local industry (e.g. film industry) (ref. 1, 2, 3, Taiwanese film as an example )
    -- Compulsory Military Service Should be Abolished in Taiwan  (See details. )

    (too controversial but not impossible)
  1. Cloning of animals; cloning of human beings¡Xwhether it should be regulated by government
  2. Abortion: Three days' deliberation (ref. 1, 2); parental consent (1)
  3. Neutering of the rapists.
  4. Stray dogs should be killed.
  5. Legalization of sex-related work; of prostitution; of video arcades.
  6. Flaggelation should be instituted as a penalty for serious crimes in Taiwan.
  7. Serial rapists or killers should have the right to enter college if they pass the entrance exams.


Informal Persuasion Topics

All of the above, and¡X

  1. We should all grow fat and happy. It's silly to go on diet and be slim and unhealthy.
  2. Playing video games is a waste of time.
  3. Nursing home is a good place to stay when we are old.
  4. Every achievement involves a degree of stress.
  5. Technostress is inevitable.  (See our Stress Management Page)
  • Moral, Emotional and Family Issues
    1. It's ok to take materials from the web and put them in our papers.
    2. Don't ever tell your present lover about your past experience.
    3. Lies are not always harmful.
    4. In important decision-making (e.g. future direction, marriage), we should not listen to our parents.
    5. Parents always know better.
    6. We should keep whatever secrets our best friend ask us to keep.
    1. --- will be a good mayor. --- (e.g. President Chen) should step down from his position (or be recalled).
    2. Cohabitation before marriage is practical.
    1. Persuade your roommate (not) to give up a boyfriend who steals and takes drug,
    2. Persuade your teacher to let you pass so that you will not have F's (failure) from 1/2 of the courses and be kicked out of school.
    3. Persuade your roommate (not) to have an abortion.
    4. One month before the College Joint Entrance Exam, you find that the student you tutor will not have any chance of passing the exam. Persuade him/her to keep on working hard or consider other possibilities or both.

    1. Bring to class an idea or a thing to 'sell'/promote to your classmate. To 'buy' your idea/thing, your partner needs to pay money or spend a lot of time.