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  • "I'll never get this project in on time."
  • "If I stay focused and take it one step at a time, I'll make steady progress."
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  • "My supervisor didn't say good morning. He's probably displeased with my work, and I'll get a bad evaluation."
  • "I'm jumping to conclusions. My supervisor may have been in a bad mood. So far all my evaluations have been positive, so unless I get some negative feedback, I'll assume my supervisor is pleased with my work."
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  • "I can't get my mistake on page 53 out of my mind. The paper is ruined. I have disappointed everyone."
  • "No one is perfect. I did my best. I'm overreacting to one mistake when the overall report is fine." (From STRESS BUSTERS )
Suggestions:  What the following sites offer are not words from the Bible, but ways for you to know yourself. 
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  • LessStress --  An online class on stress, with information on stress management, measurement, and others.  
  • Stress Busters and stress builders: Thoughts to Reduce Your Work Stress!
  • How to Master Stress -- informative and clear instructions on various aspects of stress and stress management--with a clear outline.  (from Mind Tools)
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    administrators --
    • Stress Busters For Busy Execs -- Feeling a little harried? Relax. All you need is a personal mantra, a few quarts of wine--and someone to take out your dry cleaning (local).

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