Corrections of the Frequently Made Errors
    1. You'd never guess this was one could be a billionaire talking about others; he's like a kid thrilled to be invited to his first grown-up party."  (VY) Avoid contractions.
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    1. Have you given yourself another chance to pursue a life different from your present one? (S)
    2. Vicky: the subject of this sentence is "his success", so the verb should be "is". (VY)
    Kate: (expressions)  His success of in producing the famous reputation (awk  His success and fame) are ascribed to his unusual (unique),  various and unpredicted demeanor (unpredictable?--or just "uniquely funny, various and ingenious performances") in the film.
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    1. The attraction to tThe sight of the bridge givessatisfies me both combined physically and spiritually satisfactory. (V)
      Syntax: Conjunctions and Relative Pronouns:
    1. One morning at a place called The Busy Bee, I was having coffee with a Chicago social reformer.  correct!
    2.   ...those WHOSE LACK OF EDUCATION WOULD ONCE HAVE RESTRICTED THEM TO FACTORY WORK must now resort to jobs in less lucrative ...  (VY)    correct!  Vicky: Adjective clause containing "whose"
    1. Brenda's: I just opened my eyes and had a big stretch, lying on the bed and seeing through the  window.  (B)
        Kate's:  Lying on my cozy bed, I opened my eyes, stretched my body, and gazed contentedly out of the window.
    2.  a. It's something that changed every seconds in its color, in and shapes, even in reality and in my mind, which is also the reason why it fascinates me so much.
       b. It's something that changed in its colors, in its shapes, and even its meaning in my mind every seconds, which is also the reason why it fascinates me so much a lot.(V)

    3. Brenda: It seemed that every student had been to school sitting in the class, except me. (No.  Distinguish been and gone)
       Kate's:  It seemed that every student, except me, was now sitting in the classroom listening quietly to the teacher's lecture.

    4. Brenda: But if the teacher wouldn't turn to the board and keep on watching the student, what could I do? Should I pretend nothing walking into the classroom and sit down or enter during the break?  (B)
       Kate: .But if the teacher wouldn't turn to the board and keep but  kept on watching the student and lecturing, what could should I do?  Should I pretend nothing walking as if nothing had happened, walk right  into the classroom and sit down or should I entered during the break?

    6.  Brenda: I began to walk with my head down and I was afraid that some teacher might happen to pass here and came across me.
       Kate:  I began to walked in with my head down andbeing so afraid that some teacher might happen to pass by and find me that my kneels started to tremble.  (B)
    7.  So what I sSeen from where I am in the bus on the bridge, is the distant (or use colors) sky, the mountains and the river seems to have just waken up not long after the dawn.(V)
    8. No matter how exhausted I am Even if I am exhausted, or I'm am already in deep sleep, I would will  know and suddenly wake up as long as as soon as the bus steps on marches onto, plods onto the side of bridge.(V)
    9. Then zooming further back, I my camera eye sees the very few old cottages situated behind the river embankment, which seems really bizarre and out of place in the surroundings of highways and skyscrapers.(V)

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  1. I did not quite realize what was the burden was that bore so hard on her think shoulders, -- not until was my younger brother was born, e Everything became clear then: (explain). (S)
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    1. Of All of a sudden, my mother started to wear an undertone vague smile on her face.  Or: Her eyes showed a flicker of a smile.(S)
    2. Brenda: I tried to think out the condition in class and guess if the teacher would take a roll this week or not.
    I tried to think out imagine the condition in class and guess if the teacher would gave a roll call the roll this week or not.  (B)

    3. The dilemma now is that could we temporarily change our identity and remain the present life while keeping the present life intact.(S)

    4. This makes their communication can smoothly going go on smoothly without caring worrying about the social rules and customs.(S)

    5.  A large number of people, including me, are inclined to watch his movies repeadedly to "review" the plots of his each remarkably interesting movies whenever we turn on the channel unconsciously or unintentionally. "each" should be with "singular". (VY)       ¡÷ each remarkably interesting "movie".

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