1. Take the picture or drawing that you want to scan

  2. (for example, a picture of your mom)
    into a PC lab on campus that has a scanner
    (Click here for scanner locations)

  3. Put the image of your mom, face down, in the scanner

  4. (much like you would if you were using a copy machine)

  5. Click on Start Button, then  µ{¦¡¶°, then Adobe, then Photoshop.

    1. Then you click on File, and choose Import, and choose TWAIN...



    1. HP DeskScan II is fairly intuitive, so when you start the application

    2. make sure to choose the proper type of object you are going to scan.

    3. Now that you have the type of image chosen,

    4. you are ready to scan it. Click on the Preview button
      to get a small "preview" of your image.

    5. This will produce a small image, but don't worry about that.

    6. The file you produce will contain a full-size image.
      Your image will be surrounded by a rectangular box.
      Click on and move the sides of that box
      to capture exactly the portion of the image that you want.

    7. Now that you are satisfied and sure you have "outlined"

    8. what you want, click on the Final (©w½Z)  button.

    9. Now you can save your image.

    10. Click File, and choose Export, then choose GIF89a Export


    1. Then there is a table. Just click on ½T©w or OK


        11.  Next a Save As box will pop up.
        Select your A: directory and give the file a name. Now click on Save.

        12.  Now all you need to do is change the permissions of the file
        and congratulations, you have your newly scanned image in your A: directory
        and ready to use on your web page.