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Creation is a very mysterious thing to me. People yearn to
invent mew products or cyborgs. On one hand, the creatures
can benefit us; on the other hand, they can danger our human
Through various creation, man*s life has been improved a lot.
A number of scientists are trying to make a kind of perfect
cyborg. The cyborg may help people solve many very difficult
problems or do some extremely dangerous works. Creation, in
this point of view, is very helpful and meaningful.
However, creating itself is dangerous, too. When Frankenstein
devoted himself to make the secret creature, he would never
imagine that the creature may look like a monster or even kill him.
This situation makes me think of E. E. Cummings' poem "pity
this busy monster, manunkind.* E. E. Cummings says that * A
world of make is not a world of born-- poty poor flesh and trees,
poor stars and stones, but never this fine specimen of
hypermagical ultraomipitence.* Thus, there is something in the
nature that we will never conquer.

Then, I want to talk some opinions about Mary Shelley*s
childbirth. After Mary lost her baby, she had said that *I*m no
longer a mother, now.* This sentence shocks me. I can feel
how deep her maternal love is for her child. As a mother, no
matter the child is ugly or beautiful or even the baby is abnormal,
she will always pay her full love for the baby. What will it
become when the situation is happened to a man? Frankenstein
creats his own monster; however, at the first sight of his own
creature, he runs away. He is like a COWARD. I am thinking
that if he had not given up the monster, the ending might have
changed to a happy one. The monster would learn to love
instead of hate others. Maybe Mary Shelley wants to teach us
to accept and love the abnormality around us.

We can never stop creating because we want to improve. I think
the only thing we can do is to be careful and avoid to become
another monster ourselves.


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