Science and Monster

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About Frankenstein's Monster, I want to talk about
two ideas as follows:
A)Creation: Before Middle Ages, human beings think
only God has the right to creat. Time goes by,
theology debates became more and more critical
in God's existence,then people knew science suddenly,
we are amazed with science' magic to discover or creat,
it really helps people to live more comfortable.
In this case, people find out not only God can creat
something also man can do that.
In Frankenstein'case, I think he pretends himself to
be a God in his sub-consciousness. He wants to prove
science's power and his own belief. But he can't
control the process and the end, he doesn't know what
he created exactly.
I consider that science has the crisis for out of
control, today we all think develope something is good,
like copied sheep or else, but we can't see what will
happen when the developement goes on.
B)Image:Extending the idea of Frankenstein(or Monster),
we creat monsters reflecting ourselves in anytime everywhere,
take dress for example,we want to dress unique and sense,
so we watch dress shows, see nono magazine, look how others
dress...,then we will buy expensive clothes to wear in order
to dress special. But usually we will find that those clothes
may not fit our senses or shapes. We are just charmed by
the shows, maganizes or people' talking.We made ourselves


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