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I think it is very difficult to make a distinction of whether we are in the condition of inter-cultural communication or under the massive influence of "more powerful culture." Maybe Kevin is right, inter-cultural communication happens in the process of globalization, but can we have a specfic example of what we have contributed for the inter-cultural communication? If the communication does involve us, what is the voice of Taiwanese's culture in the "communication?"

As we have discussed in the beginning of the semester--the definition of culture, a school proposes that culture is the representation of people's livs and thoughts (Pardon me that I do not remember the exact words.). However, under the influences of American and Japanese cultures and superior economics, the representation of Taiwanese people's lives and thoughts reveals strong color of exoticism. We can see this from the phenomenon that our teenagers are more excited about wǩ`f's music and its products than our traditional music. (Our pop song industry in some way copies a lot from Japanese and American ones.) On the other hand, according to some of my travelling and plane-taking experiences, due to the prejudiced services and treatments I got, the impression on Taiwan's people in westerner's eye seems to be very vulgar. If the impression on Taiwan's people is indeed rooted in westerner's view, how come can't we say it is an example of "inter-cultural comunication," though it is not a proud one.

The 4-year training in the English department for me is not a process of Americanization or westernization. I am happy that I am trained to have at least two angles to see western culture and my own one. In the process at least I am aware of the importance of resisting multiple-cultural influences through independent thinking; however, every time I am aware that there is a superior influencial culture "invading" us with its economical power, I feel sad, but don't know why.


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