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I think globalizaion is something that will never stop, especially when the internet is so popular nowadays. However, I wonder whether or not globalization is some kind of inter-cultural communication or it just accelerates the so-called more powerful culture?
Take Disney channel for instance, children in Taiwan are very familiar with all the cartoon characters created by Disney, such as Winnie-the-Pooh, Goofy, Alladin, the little Mermaid, and so on. However, they do not know any cartoon friends created by Taiwan now that we do not have any.
As a matter of fact, the memory of animation of people from my generation comes from莎拉公主,無敵鐵金鋼,喬祺姑娘,小英的故事,科學小飛俠,and so on and on. And these animations are all made in Japan. Can we have our cartoon characters one day? Or we just think it is the result of globalization?


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