Publish Date: November 21, 2000

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  1. Conference of Philosophical Prospection in the 3rd Millennium:  Conversation between Christian Religious Philosophy and Chinese Culture
    Date: November 23-26, 2000
    Place: Conference Room, 9th floor,  Chi-Shih Building, Fu Jen University
  2. 2000 Teachers' Research Presentation of Linguistics, National Chengchi University
    Date: November 25 - 26, 2000
    Place: Conference Room, Administration Building 7th Floor, National Chengchi University
  3. Fourth International Super-Slim Conference on Politics of Gender/Sexuality
    Date: November 26, 2000
    Place: Yue-han-Tang (Mj[^, No. 110, Chinghua Street, Taipei
  4. Seminar For the 2000-2001 Academic Year, English Department, Chinese Culture University
    Date: December 6, 2000
    Place: Room 206, 207, Da-Hsian Building]jӡ^, Chinese Culture University.
  5. 18th Conference on English Teaching and Learning in R.O.C. (Announce in English)
    Date: May 19, 2001
    Place: Ming-Chuan University
    Call for Paper:
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  1. Correction for Speech on Wednesday:
    Topic should be "Graduate School Advice"
    Sorry for your inconvenience.
  2. Topic: The Development of American Popular Music
    Time: 13:30~15:30, December 27, 2000
    Place: SF131