Publish Date: 12/07/00

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  1. Conference on Retrospect and Prospects of English Literature in Taiwan
    Date: December 30-31, 2000
    Place: Institute of European & American Studies, Academia Sinica
    Agenda comes out!
    Registration deadline is December 15. Registration form is in office!
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  1. Wandering about Capital Cities--Residence Authors' Creative Writing
    • Speaker: Mr. Bernard Cohen柏納.柯漢先生
      Time: Dec. 14, Thursday, 1:30 ~3:30
      Place: LH103綜合教室
    • Speaker: Mr. Greg Gatenby
      Time: Dec. 21, Thursday, 1:30~3:30
      Place:  Geng-Hsin Lou Meeting Room 104 (耕莘樓一樓 104 室 )