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  • The Sixth Annual Cross-Strait Foreign Languages Teaching Conference

Date: October 4-5, 2002
Ching-sheng Memorial Hall, Tamkan University

  • The Fourth Pan-Asian Conference and The Eleventh International Symposium and Book Fair on English Teaching: ELT in Asian Contexts : Four PCs in the 21st Century

Date: November 8-10, 2002
Chien Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center, Taipei, Taiwan


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Call for Papers
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  • 27th Annual Comparative Literature Conference
    deadline: October 1, 2002
  • MELUS: Special Issue on Katharine Newman and Ethnic American Literary Studies
    deadline: December7, 2002
  • Cultures, Theories and Critiques
    deadline: March 1, 2003
Grants & Scholarships
  • MOE scholarship for MA Students
    deadline: September 30, 2002